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     Able Title Agency, LLC was founded by professionals who understand the demands of the real estate industry for professionals in the real estate industry. The owners’ legal and finance backgrounds gives the firm a distinct advantage in servicing attorneys and mortgage brokers.

If you are an attorney who conducts closings occasionally or a real estate firm with significant volume, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

For mortgage brokers that process significant numbers of re-finance transactions, we understand that the competition for clients is fierce. Obtaining title quickly and closing the transaction in a timely fashion is crucial to retaining business. We also understand that having a closer who takes time with a borrower at the closing table will reduce the amount of re-finances in which the borrower rescinds with the 3-day waiting period in New Jersey.

When title issues arise as, they inevitably do, we are committed to resolving them well in advance so that your transaction will go smoothly and so that you can proceed to closing with confidence.

It is our commitment to listen to your firm’s needs and respond so that your business may succeed.

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